What is the Middle Ground Initiative?

The Middle Ground Initiative is a private and public sector housing strategy, as envisioned by First Family Realty Investment Group (FFRI), that utilizes collaborative efforts to maximize the services and resources of the collective partners. The goal is to provide housing and training opportunities to individuals and families in need of second chance housing and self-reinventive resources.

Housing is in short supply for the homeless and low income communities. Using retained capital and, in time Opportunity Zones, FFRI will partner with municipal programs dedicated to serving the housing needs of these communities, to support affordable housing.

FFRI recognizes that good people often need a second chance at quality and dignified housing. FFRI will achieve this goal by leveraging community development and housing programs at the local, municipal, county and federal levels.

Investor Interests

Our goal

The goal of the Middle Ground Initiative is to provide comfortable and affordable low barrier housing to individuals and families who would otherwise have a difficult time being accepted into reasonable housing. In time, we will also provide rent-to-own opportunities that will support generational wealth within disenfranchised communities. 

Why should you invest? 

The Middle Ground Initiative provides an effective vehicle to utilize unearned income to promote equal opportunity and combat the housing crisis in Milwaukee's vulnerable communities. 

By partnering with municipal programs that offer landlord support and rent assistance, we are able to maintain reasonable application barriers, low vacancy rates and ensure ongoing tenant placements and preferred returns for our investors. 

Although there are a multitude of investors in this particular market segment, many of the services that we are developing are beyond the efforts of our competitors. All investment dollars will serve to maximize the social impact of this initiative. 

How This Works

For this initiative, our initial niche is BRRRR investing. BRRRR investing consists of the following:

B - Buying at 70% below market value
R - Renovating/rehab
R - Refinance based on earned sweat equity
R - Rent the property
R - Repeat the process

Because we are a private company we are free to develop and/or change our criteria to fit the market. The housing market within which we have launched this initiative has historically been on the lower end of the price range spectrum and the higher end of cash flow capabilities. This gives us more flexibility in how we buy and the cost to our tenants as it relates to our units and the services that we provide. 

Utilizing our network, partnerships and lead generating strategies we increase our ability to locate prospects that fall specifically into the initiative criteria needs. 

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FFRI has partnered with the following public and private organizations to achieve our goals:

Milwaukee Dept. of City Development
Milwaukee's My Home Housing Program
Rapid Re-housing
Acts Housing
Modern Property Solutions
L Burns Industries 

Current Partner Needs

Currently, FFRI is in search of the following:

Lending partners that can assist in the stability of rehabbed, tenanted homes in the City of Milwaukee.

Landlords and real estate investors that currently and/or are willing to rent to second chance renters.

Community organizational partners that can assist in providing self re-inventive resources such as financial literacy, banking, credit rehabilitation and property maintenance training.

Bottom Line

Together, FFRI and our lender partners can work collectively to continue FFRI’s mission of providing affordable, safe, clean homes to responsible renters. Project by project, this mission empowers the community through housing stability, addresses social and economic disparities, and improves racial inequities in our local neighborhoods.