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First Family Realty Investment Group primarily focuses on acquiring single and multi-family homes to provide affordable units to families and individuals that need first and second chance opportunities.
"Treating every family presidential" is not just a slogan at First Family. We pride ourselves on the comfort, confidence, and security of our tenants and supporting the communities within which we invest.

About the business

We are a "for-benefit" company. This means we live at the crossroads of for-profit and non-profit with a prioritized social agenda. Our philosophy is "families and communities over bottom line".

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our tenants and maintaining open communication with the families we serve. We believe in transparency, accountability, and redemption. We are passionate about helping struggling communities and are proud of our growing partnership with Milwaukee's My Home Housing Program, which is focused on combating homelessness.

About the owner

Martell Rogers is a young, progressive entrepreneur, born and raised in the inner city of Milwaukee working to usher in a humanitarian philosophy into the real estate sector. His specific focus is surrounding land-lording, homeownership, and community relations.

He is a real estate investor interested in advocacy and redevelopment in distressed and homeless communities, creating second chance jobs, boosting rental and homeownership programs; and promoting self-investment literacy.

All of our properties are regularly inspected by in-house property managers and all major necessary repairs are serviced by licensed professionals.

We not only welcome, but encourage our tenants to immediately report any and all concerns from small leaks to major repairs.

Call and inquire about vacancies in your desired area!

Your needs are our priority. In keeping with our mission of putting you first, First Family has built relationships with prominent competitors and will refer you if we can not service your needs!


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